30 Days Writing Challenge | Day One

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Oh my gosh! The thought of this is making me happy in itself. I love joy. I love happiness. I love everything good and beautiful. I love that I am really happy deep within me. And even though I haven’t really thought about the things that make me happy, in terms of numbering them, I am happy to do so now.

    1. The ImisiOluwa: I am happy I am who I am. And you have no idea how gorgeous that is. I am happy the ImisiOluwa is someone I know up close and personal. I can’t imagine if this amazing piece of an individual was someone I looked at from afar. I am happy at who I am, who I have become, and who I am going to be-the many grand expressions of me that are unfolding. The thought of me is an energy booster. Like, I am the ImisiOluwa (blows my mind off). I am fascinated by me. And I make me happy gan-an.
    2. Gospel: Have you heard the Gospel? Have you heard what God did in Christ? How he broke off all the burden that man has placed on himself in the name of religion? (Okay, Imisi…slow down.) Have you experienced it? Have you felt the Grace of God? That peace and assurance of acceptance? That love that settles deeply beyond any fear or doubt? Do you know what it is? Then you know what happiness-even so, deep joy is. It bursts my brain. Have you experienced the joy of praying and seeing your words manifest? What of that creative ingenuity supplied by the Holy Spirit that provides understanding for you always? Such that you are never confused, perplexed, and without direction? Do you know what it means utter forth instructions, directions, insights, etc. that your mind couldn’t have come up with, such that you make informed decisions ahead? See ehn, thinking, and living in this reality makes me happppppppppppppppppppy.
    3. Music: Oh my…. (I am going to literally cry right now). If music was a bae, I’d be addicted to this priceless beauty. Music is the reason I am still alive today. (No kidding). This selfless bae comes into your heart at a time no one can understand or make time or in situations, no one can comprehend, speaks to you, listens to you, and helps you say the things you couldn’t find words for. (What can I compare music too?). Music is like Dodo-that beautiful brown-skinned goddess. (Why am I only using feminine attributes bayii? I know, I like a woman). In simple terms, music makes me happy. All music. Not every music. (You get?).
    4. Love: (Do I really need to talk about this?) Love, love, love, love…..what’s existence without the ability to love and be loved? Then what are we here for? It’s what I live for. It’s what propels me. It’s what makes me happy. That I can love others in the most genuine and beneficial ways brings so much joy. I am thrilled when I am able to express love to people in words and actions. And I’m the happiest when people show love to me.
    5. Words: Hehehehehe. This wan. I am fascinated by words. I re-read text messages over and over. I re-read the things I write over and over again, especially when I am feeling bad. I gosh over words and their meanings. Lately, reading and written Yoruba has been a major source of happiness. When you now say sweet words to me? (faints). Or you express love to me in words? (faints again) Or you now say those sweets words to me using Yoruba poetry (faints finally without any option for parole).
    6. Helping: That I am able to help someone else is nothing but the most amazing ginger any day. Helping people navigate through a moment, a situation, a problem is a lot of happiness. I’m happy when people read my words and are inspired, enlightened. Seeing the impacts the few things I do have on others is happiness. Lending a listening ear to others is happiness. Sharing insight, providing solutions, pushing people to do better is happiness to me. And same.
    7. Websites: For some reasons I can’t explain, I have experienced so much happiness building websites these past 2 – 3 years. Maybe it’s the sheer feeling of solving other people’s problems, the satisfaction in my client’s face, or the joy of watching something come out of nothing, how thoughts materialize in visual form, I can’t tell. But building those websites have been a hiding place for me, something that makes up for the lack of fulfillment I’ve experienced in other areas.
    8. People: I mean, just seeing people live their lives gives me this sense of joy. I love to watch people navigate the things life throws at them and come out beautifully. I easily share in their pain. Sometimes I find myself shedding tears or sad just looking at people in similar states. I often have to call myself back to my reality and maybe just say a word of prayer for them. In the same way, without knowing the details of a stranger’s life, my joy is full seeing them happy, laughing, and expressing enormous joy.
    9. Kids: Do you see those gorgeous human beings? Tender and sincere? Completely adorable and innocent? I get so happy around them, especially when I’m a conversation with them. Talking to them is one way of reinventing my sincerity. It fills my happiness bucket in many ways.
    10. Her: She makes me so happy. (That’s all. Don’t ask any question.).
    11. Food: (I Know they asked for 10, but biko, I just remembered this one. Ó ṣe pàtàkì gan-an-It’s very important.). Àmàlà àti gbẹ̀gìrì, pẹ̀lú Ógùfe, àti cold cup of water (Bibi will be so proud of me right now), Dodo, Boli, etc. These things bring such happy mood with them.

    So that’s it. (Maybe not exhaustive though but it sha it.)

    Thank you.

    I am the ImisiOluwa; and I love you plenty.

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