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Will you recognize me
If I show up at the door of your heart,
Introducing as the man of your dreams,
The one you’ve always prayed for?

Will you comprehend it
If I tell you I really do like you;
How I have sleepless nights thinking of you
As you remind me of my childhood fantasies?

Will you understand me
If I tell you I want you so badly,
That I want you to be my most precious,
The one who stands out of all the rest?

Will you believe me
If I tell you I’ve always loved you,
My always-have-been secret lover,
The hurricane that sweeps me off?

Will you allow me
If I tell you I want to be in your life,
The man to journey life with you,
Your husband and lover?

But then,
Will you also admit
That you feel the same way too,
That you know I’m for real,
That you want this as much as I do?

Maybe you will
Maybe you won’t
Maybe all I can do is try
Or forever lock them up in my heart

Until the days of regret
The things I wish I did
Or only as a tale to my kids
The woman their dad only ever loved

Will you recognize this Love?


Sleep Sweet