​To those who have lost loved ones
Who have experienced the pain of goodbyes
Who can’t imagine how to live with this absence
Whose mind are running wild with memories
Memories of words, touch, looks, and moments
“I remember the first time I met her”
“Oh, I wish dad was around to witness this day”
“I didn’t even say goodbye”

I feel your pain
I sure know how it feels
Knowing I’ll never hear his words again
Knowing we never got to say all the things we had in mind
I wish things were different
That you didn’t have to deal with the pain
The vacuum
The void
The loneliness

To all who lost loved ones
Mother or Father
Brother or Sister
Uncle or Aunt
Daughter or Son
Wife or Husband

I admire your strength

And I pray for you

I am theimisiOluwa