Day Eighteen 

  1. My best food is not what people think it is. They take my most talked about food for my favorite food. Do you know my best food?
  2. I rarely can sleep without a cover cloth, aka aso ibora. You know those mothers wrappers. It must have started as a child. I used to be very scared, and the only way to feel safe was to wrap myself around such that there’s no single opening.
  3. Since I was young and now I’m old, I’ve rarely eaten more than 4 slices of bread at a time. I could eat a whole loaf in bits, though.
  4. I have no issues with people who say “in Addy”. In fact, I don’t understand the fuss about it. Many English words didn’t exist at a time in the dictionary but after several uses. So let’s all calm down.
  5. In the same way, I love slangs. They are creative linguistic expressions to me. The difference is if I don’t agree with its underlying connotation.
  6. One of my greatest fears of marriage is that I am not a perfect man. I fear that my imperfections will betray the many great things about me, and my spouse may be disappointed.
  7. When people ask for my opinion, I always have three. One, what I think they want to hear or what’s popular. Two, my sincere opinion but worded in an appealing and understandable manner. Third, my raw undiluted opinion.
  8. These days, when I don’t quite agree with an opinion and I don’t want to reject it at first I say “Interesting.” “I find that fascinating”. When I am not going to agree with an obviously obnoxious and difficult person, I say “Okay”. But when I love, agree with, and am willing to learn more
  9. No matter how annoying those trumpets and saxophone birthday surprises can be, it will never overshadow the feeling of being celebrated by a loved one, nor take away my appreciation. The thought really counts for me. I mean, people have to think you are worthy of the stress and public display. Let me experience it first, I may review it later.
  10. I’m single. And sometimes, I’m just scared about this whole thing.
  11. The first thing I ever wanted to be in my life, as a child, was a Lawyer. It wasn’t by some mystical knowing, every other kid had something and I wanted to too. Law was the closest explanation I had.
  12. I wrote my first Jamb out of necessity. I couldn’t find that one course that captured what I wanted to be. I had several options.
  13. I rarely lick sweet. I chew them…like every time.
  14. I don’t get triggered when people miscall my name. I know people who call me ‘Sola’, my brother’s name. I know people who call me Isinmi instead of Imisi. Some people call me Kunle. In fact, I let people give me their own nicknames that work for them. As long as I know I’m the one they call, I just smile and respond.

I am theimisiOluwa; and yes, that’s me.