Life can be so unbounded
Who can adequately know its way?
Who can prescribe it with precision?
Without missing it in anyway.

Life can be so dramatic and funny.
Who can boast of having its script at hand?
Who can ever be immune to its suspense?
Without falling for its jokes.

Yet, many boast of having it in their possession.
Claiming they have tamed it.
But their end have always shown
That all they had was a file not life.

Those who live in constant limitations.
Look forward to those beyond
Thinking to them is life given
Looking forward to the day life’s fortune will smile on them

The ones with seeming better life,
Their satisfaction notwithstanding, look forward to something
Wishing they could do without the burden
To satisfy a much deeper need

And then the circle continues
The poor desires the rich
The rich envies the poor
And their race for life continues

Life! What exactly are you?
To what things do you obey?
Who can lead us to where you reside?
Who truly has you in his hands?

Perhaps, we have only looked among us
Trying to find life with man
Maybe, if we look beyond existence
Beyond life, there we might just find life

And yes there it is
That is where life hides
Beyond life, in eternity.
Where life is but a servant

To life’s master holds the key to life
To its owner holds the code to its will
Only to its master, does life offer obedience.
Life, there you are.