A myriad of things while there is time
To be done while the minutes chime
beat the sands of time in the hour-glass
Make memorial prints on the lewd grass

A couple of phrases to calm the crowd
Sweet words to cheer the woman who weeps loud
Patient communion to soothe the angry
Sweet Elixir to strengthen the weary

A couple of clothes for the one without wears
Shelter from the rain, for one, to bring warm cheer
An array of foods for the grumbling stomach
Steady means of living for the one who lacks

A stream of tears to be shed for the one who dies
Sharing in the sorrow as people say their byes
A shout of joy at the news of the new born child
Hoorays and jumps of happiness that cannot hide

A couple of nails into the palm of the hands
Cracks of whip trailing some pure blood into the sand
Taken with kindness defying all known mysteries
And one lone gentleman made earth breaking history

So there are many kind things to be done
Sacrifices to be made on the run
Little time to do them in life’s short span
Each time is an opportunity earned