I have always marveled at churches that have a different topic taught them every other week. Perhaps, because I attend one where teachings are mostly done in series. I have always wondered how easy it could be to follow through on multiple teachings. Like, how do you follow through? It could be that I am probably a slow learner, but it is as though proper attention has to be the bane of such teachings.

I’m thinking of my Pastors message yesterday, and how important and strategic it is for exercising the faith that we have. It’s not just in understanding it, but in, adequately, building a lifestyle of practice. We come to church and are wowed. It feels like we get it. But not quite. It’s a seed that we must keep fertilizing. And I’m not sure we can give it the needed time if, by the next week, we are on to another thing that also needs the attention of its own. These things take time.

For me, it is as though mid-week services shouldn’t be about a different message, but a reminder and review of that which we learnt on Sunday. It should also be interactive. “How have we fared with what we heard?” “Any changes in our interactions?” “challenges in walking with it?” etc. And we can then spend the rest of the week making adjustments.

I think it shouldn’t be a race to load us with many revelations, but to grow in the actual understanding of them. And this takes repetition and time.

No wonder many churches, like mine, teach the same things over and over again. And, as I have observed, the first message in the series establishes the thought, and the rest of the series keeps going back to what has been taught while adding a little more to it. This is safe and very beneficial to us.

It might seem like a very slow process, but where are we running to? It might feel like maybe these pastors are not deep and don’t have “rev”, but the real depth is in proper understanding.

The race is not a sprint. It is a marathon. A race to actually grow in Grace, that is, to grow in the knowledge of Salvation. It makes a lot of sense that we, as believers, keep listening to the same message over and over again, to study and meditate by ourselves, to have the same things repeated to us, and more so, to have our thoughts and responses entertained.

I think our local assemblies have to really be built around the actual edification and growth of the members. That is, very local in its approach.

This is very beneficial.

So if I may ask, what was taught in church yesterday? Do you understand it? Are you going to listen again? Will you take time to review and meditate on it?

Please have a great week ahead.