I wrote this just now in response to a classmate who said this: “Seriously who’s side are u on? Really, this is not about school fees anymore. It’s about resuming early and finishing sch. Education is for all, Yes! But people that can’t afford education this age and time should stop slowing down people who are tired of staying idle because of some peoples ignorance. I feel it’s wickednesssss. We will go on strike come back and still pay d damn fees. When are we going to get that in our brains.School still wins in the end and of course we the students loose”

My response:
I pray you switch roles with those who can’t afford the school fees so you can see how it looks from their own point of view. It is such selfish and selfcentered attitude that got us all here. “As long as I can afford it, I don’t give a fuck who can’t.”. I hope you remember those who can’t afford it today will become the thugs, robbers, and rapist of tomorrow. Leave them behind today because your parents can afford it, and you’ll surely meet them tomorrow, and if you escape, I’m sure your kids won’t. Where is our compassion, and our looking out for one another? For those of us who claim to be Christians, where is our Christianity?
I only gave you the info (the senate’s decision to close close till September) so you know the real situation of things and decide what to do, either to pray, curse or go have a meeting with the VC. I never said I want to resume in September. I only told you what the senate said.
However, if we resume in September and things remain the same, I won’t hesitate to opt in for another protest. It’s time we fought for justice. During their own Asuu strike, didn’t they fight till they got what they wanted, even, when they stopped their salary and we students had to take a fall for it.
I am on the side of Truth, Justice, Accountability, and the emancipation of the Nigerian People. If we don’t fight today, we will fight later, and that one might be fierce. If we don’t address it today, things will get worse, and in the days of our kids, they will ask what their dad and mum did to make things better, and we will tell them we wanted to graduate fast so we can quickly join the number of unemployed graduates in Nigeria, and so we can quickly give birth to them. We had better stop waiting to graduate before we start living our lives.
This is not a case of OAU school fees and resumption alone but of the case of a Deteriorating State (as seen in all sectors, even in football) and a call to stand and save a dying nation. Who says we can’t from OAU change Nigeria? If we fail in this attempt, we will fight again, and again until we make Nigeria a better country for our children to live in.

I’m Imisioluwa.

I’m no OAU SUG Executive Member nor a Student Representative Council. I am only a Nigerian, and a Patriotic one.
And just before I die, I’m going to live.

You can reach me on Twitter:@Imisioluwa_
Love u guys