These are people’s responses to “
Kinds of Men“:

…And maybe ME who will have one wife and love her with all that is in me.

…1.Man dat add to u
2.Man dat subtract 4rm u.                                            3. Man dat divide u.                                                            4.dose dat multiply u.                                                       5.and Man dat share in ur dreams.

…D Christian who has 1 wife and 1 Lord and loves the Lord most.

…No u tell me.

…D fifth kind is d one dt has 1 wyf,n loves ha soo much.

…One wife no girl friend but loves everyone wif the love of God.

…One who has one nd Luvs dat one above all.

…Der is a christian who has 1 one wife, loves her bt loves God most.

…A man who has one wife and love her so much.

…God who loves us above all tinz.

…God who loves us perfectly and isn’t a
cheat, infact he embraced us in our
wowo state bt yet beautify us lyk
himself he is my perfect love

…5.The good man,who has one wife, no
girlfriend, but loves God the most.

…God who sent his only son to die for
the whole world jst to show his love
towards us. Thats the Greatest love I
have ever seen.

…A Christian, has many women in his
life, loves them all but has one wife,
loves her the way he felt the love of his
God, the kinda love that you would
give your life for.