I Slept Peacefully

Yesterday, I slept deeper and longer than I had in many months. I twisted and turned, and slept till there was no iota of sleep left in my eyes. Right here in the city of Ibadan, away from home, in the living room of my barrister friend, a three-bedroom flat, you’d think the three-seater sofa […]

Sister Rose

I remember Sister Rose. Sister Rose Òdòdó ẹ̀yẹ[1], as I was found to whisper her name to myself. I can’t forget Sister Rose, not in this lifetime. I was a young teenage boy back then in Ilorin who had just come from Lagos. It was quite a difficult time for me trying to figure out […]

Duna, Ice-cream, and Love Languages

It was a casual WhatsApp conversation that afternoon. I had simply replied to her status and an entire conversation on communications in marriage had ensued. Before we knew it, questions and arguments had started. (Arguments are not bad). And I, who wouldn’t let a good opportunity pass had sent a couple of long voice notes. […]

Something Happened inside Danfo

Drama happened inside Danfo,1 yesterday. As we waited for the bus to fill up, one of the last two passengers got in and mentioned where she would want to alight, and the agbèrò2 told her to hop in. If you’ve ever lived in Lagos, you’ll know there is a subtle difference between ‘official’ and ‘non-official’ […]


Dear FutureBae, Do you remember that day, two years ago, when we just started this our ‘love something’, and you asked me “where are we going with this?” and I was like “Mowe Ibafo”, thinking pe you meant the Guitar I was taking to rehearsal that evening before you clarified that you meant our “relationship”? […]

Your Face

#LIttleLines – 07 It was your face for me The beauty like a royal emblem Sitting pretty on that oval frame Dark and shinning, no shades of inconsistency From the first day I placed it And the few times after It became a part of my everyday A thought that brightens them As I look […]

Memories: Father’s Day

An excerpt from an unpublished Memoir. Father’s Day reminds me of a very spiritual man, one who would give anything to keep his children fortified, safe, and well, and maybe, many times, go to unprecedented lengths. It’s often hard to relate when people talk about the lack of spiritual insights of fathers of his time, […]

Your Voice

Little Lines – 06 It was your voice for me In its many expressions That silky, sultry, and subtle Alto Yet, firm and inspiring First, in the occasional tones And then, in its regular occurrence A daily dose of bliss, a special effect Like water on a parched land Echoing through eons of nothingness It’s […]

Change and Our Vulnerabilities

Perhaps, the sign that we are not going to change is that deep emotional sensation we feel, just after we’ve done it, that makes us so sure we are not going to do it again. “Walahi, I’ll never do it again.”, we say. By that feelings, we are so certain we won’t. It’s not like […]

His Handmaiden: A lovely Sunday Morning

It’s a lovely Sunday morning. You should be in church, physically, but COVID-19 lockdown has had a long toll on you, and you haven’t made up to two appearances since church resumed physical service. To make matters worse, church streaming isn’t clear this morning, so you have turned it off. Off you go to WhatsApp, […]