I once saw a church write, “at (the church name), your success is guaranteed”, and I sincerely appreciate the effort of their publicity coordinators.
But it seems to me that there is a hidden ‘only’ in that statement that is read unconsciously and it makes the statement read something like this: ‘It is only at (the church name) that your success is guaranteed’.

What they don’t realize is that for every time they put the name of their church there, they divert the attention away from Jesus to their church as the ‘success-guaranteeing’ thing.

No success is guaranteed by any one single church, but in Jesus.

Were they trying to say that success is not guaranteed in the church next to and across them?

I wonder where this ‘Self-centered’ gospel of ours is coming from. Cos our Father did not teach us this.

This is Bastardly.

‪#‎IamImisioluwa‬, and ‪#‎IamChristian‬

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