Face To Face

Welcome to a new week, dear readers. It is another beautiful time of musings on PILLOW TALK WITH FLOURISH. As you know, we love to keep it simple and real. Let us relax as we enjoy this story and the muse too. A TRUE LIFE STORY “There is this amazing man in my neighbourhood. Believe […]

Nurturers by Flourish

I heartily welcome you to PILLOW TALK WITH FLOURISH. Thank you for your cooperation, support, and commitment. I appreciate the love and I love you too. Let us dive into today’s musing. Say this sentence seven times as fast as you can: a nurturer is a natural blend of nature and nurture nurturing the nurtured […]

No KNIVES by Flourish

Hello! Hello!! Hello!!! It’s another beautiful moment of musings at nighttime. I want to welcome you to PILLOW TALK WITH FLOURISH. Sit back, relax and muse with me. Have you ever been to a Nigerian wedding? If your answer is yes, please, let us gather here for a selfie (camera clicks). We do know that […]

Soliloquy by Flourish

(I am so excited to share this moment with you all. You’re right if you think I’m nervous. I consider it a great privilege to talk with you. Are you set?) This is me, myself and I saying WELCOME TO PILLOW TALK WITH FLOURISH. Growing up was filled with lots of memories. I’m sure yours […]

PILLOW TALK- What you may need to know.

Greetings to that special one reading this. Happy Easter to you wherever you are at. May we never lose the consciousness that the season brings. I am Flourish, the one who shall be sharing her musings with you for a couple of days to come. Hence, I will love to intimate you on the whole […]

KOI YE WON by The ImisiOluwa Ft. Ayo Alade

A year ago, I made this magic with my friend, Ayo Alade. Kò Ì Yé Wọn is an unconventional bilingual piece of simple Easter poetry loaded with the realities on which our faith is based. Kò Ì Yé Wọn by The ImisiOluwa x Ayo Alade. Please, Enjoy.

I Love How You Love Me. Gosh! by Temitope

Dear Adeola-mi, I always knew I was a lover. I always anticipated loving someone deeply, I loved the thought of it but make I no lie, I never knew there was such depth to love. It’s so deep I can’t stop falling. Obviously, the height of love has no peak and its depth, no end. […]

Once Upon a Valentine’s Day

Dear Adeola-mi, I remember that one (only) time I got a Val cake…with the most beautiful bi-syllabic appellation ever used on me, boldly written on it in red icing, put a knife through it and I found my reflection – chocolate – staring back at me. I marveled. It was so beautiful, and yet so […]

I Just Want You by JayCynth

Dear Adeola-mi, I’m not God. I mean I’m a god but, I’m not God. I like that He has your heart And mine too. It’s beautiful, really. I, however, get jealous Sorta….. He gets to hear Your every whisper Ev’n the faintest one I want to do that too I mean hear your every breathe […]

Shey You Dey For Me by Hezekiah

Dear Adeola-mi, Wetin be that nothing I can’t do for Adeola mi? Just that I’m only stuck not stopped I love her even before I met her I’ve literally seen many broken homes, My dad kept counseling many families. Yet, little things tend to make the difference. Intangible and insignificant matter that really matters Is […]


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