#LoveWednesday A lady deserves a man who loves her One who is falling head over heels for her One who is willing to pursue her strongly One who won’t take her for granted Nor give up on her But will persist and wait and even beg her One who has great plans for her One […]

The Newest Way To Love

#LoveWednesday The way relationships happen these days amazes me Perhaps, the many failed relationships, Extended years of ‘’boyfriend and girlfriend’’ (And by that, I mean relationships without Any serious commitment), Easy access to sex and its progenitors, The desperation of picking a Saturday, The pressure mounted by makeup artists, Bridal and events companies, And creative […]

True Love; My Speculations

    #LoveWednesday I’ve learnt true love is all that matters The problem is only in defining what it is Or is it that it means different things Or perhaps, you can’t tell it from afar Or perhaps, you can’t say this or that is it Only when a lifetime is spent Then, can you […]

Tell Her Not To Worry

#LoveWednesday Tell her not to be scared Tell him not to worry nor fret Tell her not to be afraid Tell him not to be dismayed     That marriages fail does not mean his will That hearts break is no reason hers will   Only tell her to look ahead, unto Love To keep […]

My Apology

#LoveWednesday Three things are hard to get back… A glass pane after it is shattered A piece of cake after it is eaten and A word after it is heard… So I gathered my speech together A wise man in my own eyes I had thought about them well enough I knew I couldn’t have […]


I will humble myself and accept that I love you I will put my ego aside and let you know I really do I will leave my comfort to make you feel the best I will do all I can to make you, in me, find rest But really, I won’t erase my inmost persuasions […]

My View on Love

When I look into your eyes, I see the assurance that we’ll survive these times. When I see you smile, I know we’ll weather the storm. When you touch me with your hands, I know together we’ll fulfill purpose Never for once have I doubted the ‘rightness’ of this course From the first day I […]

An Outstanding Lady: Adeola-mi

When you’ve not met one, A lady that’s STUPENDOUS and OUTSTANDING, You say different things: “I can’t kill myself because of one lady”, “They are all distractions”, “I can’t be wasting my time”; When you finally meet her, The lady who stands out of the rest, ASTOUNDING and ASTONISHING, Different from all you have imagined, […]

Letter to my Girlfriend

Dear girlfriend, I must confess how much you get me off my feet. Each time I set my eyes on you, or hear the faintest sound of your voice, my heart tickles. At first, I thought it was only going to last for a moment; but many moments have passed now, and it has only […]

A Dark Night

I clearly remember How dark it was that night Light being quietly estranged Shadows were in full might I couldn’t control me Speech failed, countenance changed Another heart enraged The darkness became worse We both fought for freedom But the darkness ate deep Deeper into our heart And we couldn’t see through Oh, a night […]


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