Your Face

#LIttleLines – 07 It was your face for me The beauty like a royal emblem Sitting pretty on that oval frame Dark and shinning, no shades of inconsistency From the first day I placed it And the few times after It became a part of my everyday A thought that brightens them As I look […]

Your Voice

Little Lines – 06 It was your voice for me In its many expressions That silky, sultry, and subtle Alto Yet, firm and inspiring First, in the occasional tones And then, in its regular occurrence A daily dose of bliss, a special effect Like water on a parched land Echoing through eons of nothingness It’s […]

Talking Stage

Little Lines – 05 It was then the talking stage for me The little conversations That grew into deep-seated ones Like daily doses of a rare elixir A mixture of care, concern, and Love It was the voice and words for me The many things we talked about The random songs we burst into The […]

The Day Came

Little Lines – 03 But the day finally came. That day, when this heart would finally open up – internally, at least. But open up nonetheless. The hiatus had lasted about four years with bouts of premature affections, almost leading to a relational comatose. But this was a breath of freshness, like the smell of […]

Not That Day

Little Lines – 02 Do you remember the first day that we met? No, not the first day our paths crossed. Not the day I first put a face to this awesomeness I’d heard about. Nor the day you first spoke to me with such calm, poise, and reverence.  Not even this same day that […]

Thoughts of You

Little Lines – 01 It was first the thought for me; the thought of you, that is. The thought that someone could be described as you were, that someone like you really exists. As I heard the words off my friend’s mouth, and the many appellations they adored you with, I was in awe. At […]


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Background Vocals:  
Ayodeji Ogunleye
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