Here is what someone thinks about what I just posted and I think she’s very right:
Is it dat guys were once broke or guys were tryin to find der bearing.Though ladies shldnt quit cos of money, bt dat line is ova used. What of guys born wit silver spoon dat had never been ‘broke’?
Who is qualified to marry such. Love and d genuine one will always stand d test of time for both sides. If der was an incidence of ‘broke’ and der was a break up cos of such and I mean d only reason is d ‘broke’, den der was no love. Bt wen der are some break ups especially wit guys dat are ‘broke’ d easy way out is “she cudnt endure”.Now am nt saying dat der aint some girls after money, bt really guys need to stop whining about dat.If a girl broke up wit a guy cos he iS ‘broke’ den he should rejoice
Cos God just delivered him from a scam

And he shld allow God bring his woman.


1stly, I’d say did cos of my own very experience with ladies. Most ladies don’t have the word endure in their dictionaries any longer. Most ladies are looking for ready mades, Even our sisters in church. 2ndly, it is what you work for that lasts longer. A saying that has been proven so many times. Most silver spoons marriages end up with plastic spoons when divorcing cos their reasons are always disgusting. Got many other points to back dis up but time won’t permit me. Pls advice that sister to look before she……

Am nt saying there ain’t exceptions, but guys should really be matured about this thing, its the ‘whining’
No lady is on the look out for a liability or who she can’t ‘show off’
And I maintain if the love is real and there’s is hope about the future of the guy, she will wait
But where she isn’t sure about the outcome, better for both to part

Well since we mindlessly allow.culture and traditions rule our thinking atimes, we ll always be forced to stay along the lines of “the guy ought to b the man”, he shd be able to take care of her” and likes
They both agreed to go into a relationship. It just dat since newtons third law of inertia has to b obeyed, one party has to initiate- which of course is d man
Afterwards its become a mutual agreement betwn them
Whatever in d world made d girl accept
Shes to stick by it
Vice versa
D moment we still see relationship as playing roles, all these stories will continue
Ehn “sebi i’m d babe and hes d guy’
Once we see it as a mutual thing, even if guy broke,  no one will ever knw
And if girl broke, no soul will know
Ask d great guys out there how.much of their spouses money they borrowed and never returned
Its just dat we have few sincere men and women who will tell us their broke-life secrets
If we want role-playing and shakespare acting in our relationships, d cycle continues , which is: the guy is broke, d girl is under pressure an temptation.
The girl is broke, d guy is thinking twice abt her
My simple opinion
Mutuality solves it

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