Little Lines – 04

It was first the courteousness for me
Posh, prim, and proper
Like one from an aristocratic dynasty
Raised with royalty flowing in her veins

The words came out with thoughtful precision
To the good, the bad, and to all
Yet with kindness and understanding
Like one well-taught of the Lord

How on earth were you raised?
Who are you parents?
How did they pull this-you off
Unscathed by the woes of this world?

What started as a simple admiration
Has now turned to composite awe
“Omo, you dey burst my brain”

As you adore me, I adore you too
And if this tale leaps beyond
The gates of budding friendship
Then, it will be a privilege of a lifetime

I am the ImisiOluwa; I’m in awe of you.