Dear Adeola-mi,

Let me start by asking you this question; Why in God’s name is it taking you this long!?

I like dreaming, daydreaming precisely, more reason I’m named Dreamy coined from Dreamgirl.
In my many daydreams, I’ve seen much of you, you wouldn’t believe this but I watched you grow. I’ve watched it unfold like in movies how I got to meet you especially the rate at which my heart picked its erratic rhythm on laying my eyes on you.
Your kind eyes, your sweet husky voice. Your beautiful wit, the masculine scent of you. Your perfect height, the velvety of your skin. Your endearing heartwarming smiles, the warmth of your body. All I’ve managed to keep locked in the most treasured corner of my heart.

Adeola-mi, I like to smile, probably what got you attracted to me. Isn’t it? My smiles and laughter come from within, I hate doing without them! Which means I could probably beat you in this. Well, we shall see, won’t we?
I love to write but not as much as read, let’s be each other’s greatest fan. I promise you won’t be bored with what I write. And hey, reserve your best-written works for me. Will you?

There is this part of me that craves adventure, I have a very long list already and I can’t wait to compare the list with you. I’m hoping upon hopes that you will have this rollercoaster adventurous mindset too. Babe, you will love it!

My love, do you know I love acting? Do not be surprised to see me don my acting garment every now and then baby. You’ll be amazed at how good I am with no role I can’t act. I look forward to you being my set-man, director, anchor, producer and most especially my co-actor.

Sweetheart, I’ve had some hard times that it almost damaged me. I’m still a work in progress and I hope with time, my heart and light will shine again and the tears of the past will turn to joy. You will walk with me on this like I’m willing to walk you through yours too, won’t we?
Of course, sorrow may tarry for the night, joy comes in the morning.

See, honey, I like beautiful surprises. You like it too, don’t you? Sparkling romance is a big turn on for me, and I promise to spoil you raw with my exclusive romantic escapades. You just watch out!

Do you think we will be okay with three kids? Two beauties and one hunk? Yeah, I know so too. We should work on making them a vessel unto honor in this degenerating generation. We should make them see and know God by laying the best example we could ever give.

Ours should be a union ordained by the most high. Living by the decreed word should be our passion, extending the kingdom of God our utmost mission.

Adeola-mi, I am loving you already and I can’t wait to spend forever with you. Let’s live in our own happy bubble for a long long time.

Yours in love,
Namesake AdeOlajumoke Akintola

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