I remember the day #Adeola-mi said ‘Yes’, and I wrote about it, someone said congratulations and I was like “like seriously?”…Congratulations ké? Àbí, “Roll up your sleeves and get to work!”

Relationship is no beans. It’s not a deal for light-hearted guys. Let’s not even go to marriage.

It’s easier to read my #LoveWednesday posts, and conclude that this #Adeola-mi of a girl, real or fictitious, must be lucky. “I wish I was her”…”this Imisioluwa is so romantic”…”oh they look so good together.”

Oh… I laugh.

Tonight, I appreciate #Adeola-mi.
It’s not easy being in Love with a guy like me

My craziness, weaknesses, and all my issues.

Thank you for your patience
Thank you for always allowing me display my ‘smartness’ before calmly showing me the….
Thank you for helping correct my grammatical errors.
Thank you for letting me express myself.
Thank you for always making me laugh.
Thank you for the interesting conversations
ThanK you for always inspiring me

I hope to meet you soon.

I am @theimisiOluwa; I’m grateful for Her