It’s easy for people like me to come boldly on social media to write, talk, and post our opinions about issues, and many can take that boldness as arrogance and mere youthful exuberance. Many my even be offended that we write about things that seem to be beyond our age, or that involves people who are older than us. I’ve gotten responses like, “what do you even think you know?”, others simply see me as having only “head knowledge”.

But who am I to be arrogant? What do I know?

I’m just a young boy who’s trying to make meaning of the world in which he has found himself; who asks questions, probes thoughts and ideas, and merely states his opinions.

Many people do not know that I have people in my life in whose presence I quake with respect. People who I constantly run my thoughts and ideas with to help keep my sanity in check. People who knock my head, pinch me by the side, and frown at me when I veer off the cause of truth. Many who call me to order, yet encourage and tell me to do more. Men and women who boost my confidence and tell me there’s more to me than meets the eyes.
Men who get my attention whenever.

These ones don’t necessarily post on Facebook, they don’t do Love Wednesday, nor engage in social media babbles. Yet, they are an enclave of wisdom. In fact their silence is the reason for my noise.

Tonight I celebrate my Mentors, role models, and Coaches, Big mummies and daddies,  brothers, and ‘Aunties’, men and women whose wisdom and examples triggers me. Men whose words keep me going in my time of confusions, and exasperation.

Thank you for keeping me in your circle.
Thank you for adding to my life.

I am @theimisiOluwa; and I am grateful for my Mentors.