To the Facebook evangelists
And WhatsApp revivalists
Who daily load us with words
Words that have been kept from us for long
Words of faith, of truth, and of grace
Who echo the silent questions of our hearts
Who engage our minds in spirit intelligence
Who help us revive good thinking
Who save us from pickpockets

I know you are at the receiving end of many insults
By those whose minds have been caged into religious slavery
Who have pledged allegiance to ignorance
And cut a covenant with deception

I know they say you do what you do to get followers
That you should stop doing ministry on Facebook
They talk like they care, like they are concerned
But they only wish they were in your place

But for me, and many other friends
We are grateful for your consistency
In extending the word of God to us
You do us a lot of good

And we’re grateful.

To the Facebook Evangelists
I appreciate your social media activities

Thank You