Dear future boo,

My cardiac craves you profusely. I hope you’ll be an interesting company to be with, be down to earth and have a good sense of humor.

SWAIN (a name I would love to call you), don’t worry, take your time I’m refilling my chill pills. Don’t take much time tho, you have a lot of scripts to work on with me.
This girl here is shy, timid, nonchalant, but once I’m comfortable with you, get ready for some crazy shi*

Dear future baby,
It’s a good thing you didn’t show up at the early stage of my life, I might be too crazy to concentrate.

Dear Adeola-mi,
Please be sweet, chivalrous and witty. Well… I have known a lot of people, maybe even felt that I have been in love… but I have just not met “The one” (you).
A clue to when you meet me, you would feel violins are playing and the wind is blowing and I’ll also feel butterflies fluttering in my stomach.

Dear last bus stop,
I know I’m naive and maybe not as dramatic and frothy as you, but then I know you’ll complete me.

I want to spend the rest of my life bickering over issues with you, listening to you patiently, handling all your ignorance well, scolding you for doing all the silly things and convincing you when you get angry.

I want to spend all my life buying groceries with you.

I wrote such a long speech with all my creativity, please just come and be a good hubby.

Alakoso Yetunde Munni

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