Dear Adeolami,

If I say I love you
Don’t doubt it
Because really do
If I say I miss you
Don’t think twice
Because that’s the way it is
For a very long time,
I thought no one could captivate my heart
Until you came in like a thief
Slowly you stole this golden heart away
Sincerely I never see this coming
Slowly I fell, fell,and fell and now I have fallen
I think the time is finally here
To read out my poems
Which I have written for a long time
My inner songs
The dance steps,
In case you don’t know
I love singing for my love
As well as dancing
And now finally the time has come
To display all this imaginary for you
I know you can dance as sing as well.
I am here to stay as long as you want me.

And every moment of out lives will be a memorable one

Ariwoola Rebecca Adeola

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