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Dear Adeola-mi,

My darling FutureBae,

It’s another valentine’s season and #AdeolamiChallenge that you are not here, and all I can say is ọmọ x 1000. Kò easy mehn!. The children of social media haven’t made it easy this time around. I’m not sure if it was the pandemic that sparked the air, but it has left us with so many “God when?” moments as we had no choice but to share in their “His View, Her view”.

You know, I fell in love with a lady last year, and I could have sworn she was you. She was everything I had thought about, wanted, and prayed for. She was the perfect imperfection. I even wrote her a collection of poetry.

It was the love, the intelligence and wisdom, the hard work and dedication, the saneness, goodness and godliness, and the beauty for me. Ká má parọ́, ọmọ yẹn dáa púpò . But she was clear she wasn’t you. And I am grateful for that glimpse of you.

Wait, are you sure she wasn’t you? Are you playing me ni? Please o!

Now more than ever, I’m convinced that I’m not asking for too much when I insist on waiting for you, that you are possible, that you are worth every minute of it.

I hope you are living and crushing those goals to the fullest. My dear, don’t wait a minute. Keep blazing.

But bóyá you too should do quick o. Àbí you are not seeing all these things and feeling these things ni? Jọ̀ọ́ o, ọmọ ìyá mi, tì ẹ ò ní bàjé o. Let’s resolve this our discordant chord quickly.

Or am I the one not seeing you and taking the needed action ni? I know I can be very shy, but then I know Jesus will intervene.

Dear, the thoughts of you, of the life we will lead, and the home we will build is strength when this heart grows weary, and clarity when the lines starts to get blurry.

There’s plenty gist and plenty things to do, so get yourself here quickly.

There’s love waiting for you here brekete.

I am the ImisiOluwa; and I am exclusively yours.

Your Future Boo

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