Dear Lord,
I’m not giving up on you. You said I’d be better by now, but all I see is one feeble and weak guy. You said your life in me is enough, but it’s difficult to believe after all my mess and incessant failures.
I am amazed at the way you do your things. Evidently, no human can operate in your realm, except to him who is born of you. These religious folks crucify me everytime, even for the things you have forgiven me. Sometimes, I wonder if they even know you.
I’m getting tired of me, my weaknessess and mistakes. How long will it take for your character to be completely formed in me? I want to be perfect; I want to reflect you in everything I do; I want to be made conformable with your son but it seems to be taking too long.
Will I ever get there? Will I ever be able to finish my course and fight the good fight of faith? Sometimes, I feel like giving up; just going back to my old ways but I know that is worse.
All evidences say I can’t attain perfection, but the Truth says I can and I want to believe you’re gonna be successful with me. You have done it with people who are worse. It’s hard to believe but I won’t give up on you Lord nor give up on me. I know you are able to bring me to completion and I won’t give up on you just because it’s taking too much time.
I trust you.

I am Adekeye
And #IamChrisrian

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Have a wonderful evening!