Dear Adeola mi,

In A World Of Fantasy… I long for moments when we would walk hand in hand by the beach, gazing into each other’s eyes – and the prophecy will be fulfilled that ‘your eyes are of rivers of waters washed with milk and fitly set…’ shines brightly and like fire causes me to melt in your arms. And your arms? Your arms are ‘rods of gold, adorned with gems’ and they hold me up tightly, and shield me from every storm that could ever rise to sway me away from your heart.

Whenever I don’t feel your arms around me, I would always sing quietly from my heart to yours, our lovey-dovey anthem ‘wrap me in your arms’, just so you could cuddle me gently, and within the fleet of time we transcend time and space, far away from the worries within; to a realm where only you displace my fears.

Adeola mi, I wouldn’t need to ask you to kiss me with the lips of your love, for your love itself is better than wine… and it overflows through my veins. For every morning, you gladly awake me with doses of kissoqiun, a symbol of our love, a sacred ritual we would never trade in our lifetime, nor in the world to come.

I patiently await your touch, for in your touch I am healed wherein I was sick of love – far from the appeal of what sex could bring. I earnestly crave to lay still with you, arms in arms, taken in the moment, breath by breath exonerating our times apart, and why it was worth the wait! And in that time, we would be consumed by love’s true bliss, graciously revealing the true nature of romance.

Looking forward to the days when we will glow like diamonds, shine beyond the sun and our glory outshine the darkness surrounding us. Our hearts overwhelmed, and love-struck we will be, for I am certain, no one would dare come in between us, for I am my beloveds’ and my beloved’s mine. And we will daily dance arms in arms as forever sweetly takes us into eternity.

I love you my dearest husband, and I am patiently waiting to be in your arms, my beloved. Till we meet, stay bright and let the sun be your guide, as Papi leads you to me.

©Jennifer Okotie-Eboh

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