Forgive us if we’re ever still hopeful
In this sea of contrary evidence
Innuendos, signs, and convincing Nos
That this desire of ours can ever be so

Forgive us really, for holding on longer
Believing there’s still a chance, ever so slightly
That perhaps, in the days, weeks, and months to come
This mildly toned red light can somehow turn green

Forgive us if we appear too slow
In demolishing this castle we’ve founded in thin air
That this could be our happy place
Our rest, our forever, our happily ever after

Forgive us if we’ve failed to wake up
From this dream, to smell the coffee
Count our losses and save our energies
For the ones that will come, eventually

Forgive us if it seems we’ve failed
To know we will need to let go
To know our wishes have become nothing
To know these dreams are merely nightmares

Is it our fault that when we met
Our hearts leaped out in glorious dance
“I’ve found my tribe, my own” it sang?
Is it then our fault that we want this badly?

Is it our fault that you speak the language of our hearts
Read our thoughts aloud as clear as the morning dew
Say things that dispel a thousand doubts and worries
Bring peace as soothing as the cool evening breeze?

Is it our fault that you check all the boxes
Showed us qualities we never knew we deserved
Gave us unlimited admiration, love, and devotion
Making this a hint of this beautiful imperfection?

So, forgive us if we’re only indulging in the moments,
Relishing the beauty, the euphoria of what could have been
Trying so hard to fan the embers of these friendships
Protecting our aching hearts from crumbling, suddenly

Forgive us for the difficulty in moving on
Too quickly, too completely, after waiting these years
To finally find what our heart had always longed for
To fall in love with the one who strikes our heart’s chord

Forgive us for the difficulty in relenting
From what we know too deeply
The idea that you are the one for us
The one with whom our hearts have found fulfillment

Forgive us for being so vulnerable to your Love
For being here, waiting, loitering, perhaps
In the chats, calls, and occasional visits
Hoping, praying, wishing, for a miracle


Eventually, we will move on, really
We will erase these feelings, finally
We will accept the pain, fully
We will embrace the truth, this harsh reality

We know our faces will light up again
Sooner or later, our hearts dancing freely
Into welcoming warm embraces
In love ever so true, so real, so accepting

Eventually, we know we will be fine, or not
But forgive us, if it’s taking longer than you expect
Forgive us, if we seem too sure of what we want, you
Forgive us, if we’ve held on for too long

To everyone still holding on to hope…..

I am the ImisiOluwa; I know it’s not easy sometimes.

Love you Plenty