The process of our growth is a very unpalatable one; the time between our failures and successes. The time when our weaknesses are beginning to show, where our strengths are still far away.
The most difficult part of the growth process is the fact that we have to leave our comfort zone to adapt into different form. We have to forsake our victories of yesterday, leave our once precious medals, humble ourselves to chart new territories, and seek to take on new struggles and challenges.
The difficulty is not only in the growth but in the fact that the world often conclude we are failures, already, even before given us a chance to finally metamorphosize into our ultimate form. And it’s so easy to feel discouraged, forgetting that we succeeded yesterday and are still going to succeed tomorrow. But if we will let our past and future successes be a pointer to the fact that we have the capacity to succeed, we will realize the present failure is not who we are but a result of our ‘having not learnt enough’. The moment we allow ourselves grow, we automatically become who are supposed to be.
Here is another chance to be a better person and turn our failures of yesterday into success today.
I believe in you
Happy New Week! Have a wonderful New Month.

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Have a blessed day ahead!

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