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Hey Namesake by Oyinlola 

Hey Namesake by Oyinlola


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Dear Adeolami,

First of all, thank you for being my namesake. People who bear the same name and are ready to sacrifice a lot for the same cause – themselves – are quite uncommon. Also, for the rare privilege to confuse our friends when our hashtag becomes #Adeola and they become unsure of whether we selected my name, your name or chose “Ade” from yours, and “Ola” from mine?, I say thank you?.

In the process of searching, no, waiting?, I think I searched a little though, for you, I met a lot of “lookalike audiences”. These are guys that are closely related to you as regards demographics, interests, and behaviors. However, they couldn’t totally fit into what I call Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” synchrony. I mean, we vibed, we were true, we were real, but a particular puzzle couldn’t fit into its hole.

At every point I have loved?, I think “being in love” describes it better, I have surpassed the former. I mean, my love life is so true to the scripture which mentions the latter glory being greater than the former.

One. At no point have I being in love with terrible people, but at every point, I have progressed into being with better persons, more intelligent, more wise, more creative, more supportive, more easy-to-love. I sit and imagine how you would be since you are better than my immediate ex. Wow. The mere thought is awing. You would be a genius at emotional intelligence, a superhero in the books, such depth in a single person.

Two. At every point, I have loved some more. I have gone deeper, grown more attached, explored new territories, shown more confidence, taken greater risks and had deeper affection; I have been in love more. It makes me wonder the depth I’m gonna go for you, the sacrifices we’re gonna give, the depths we’re gonna go and the best territories we are gonna explore, together. Lol. What a thought.

Anyway, Namie, thanks for not being here yet, I would have lost you to being so busy every day?‍♀️, to being so sick all the time? , to the stupid decisions I’ve made in the past, to the “cluelessness” of “what next”?, to the numerous mood swings that would span for days?, to the dangerous anger issues I used to have (I can’t even believe I got over that, you’ve got a praying mother, bro?); I would have lost you to the old me. I have had my share of highs and lows, I don’t have the perfect past, you missed me at my worst.

I am still busy, I don’t still have the most stable of health, I am not perfect yet, but every day, I am so close. I needed enough time to heal, to move on, to forget the pains of the past, and you gave it to me. I am not broken, I am not holding on to regrets of the past, you are the future, and for that, I am honestly grateful. Guess who all of this is for? You? (Don’t kid yourself?) Me? (I’m not that selfish?). It’s for us! You, me and everybody who crosses our path.

I don’t even let myself bother about what you are doing right now, I know it is something so worthwhile that I would be proud of and that you are proud of too. Should I start to write about you, it would be a road that never ends. I just know this surely, together we will define, fall, dwell and rise in love, and enjoy superb Returns on Investment. Amen?

I’ve written so much, yet I know I am speechless. It’s just one of those things you enjoy when you let a writer fall for you. Adeolami, don’t I just love you already?!???

PS. As much as I am a Writer, I love to read too o… Alaye, joor joor?

Oyinlola Akindele

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  1. Emmanuel


  2. Olajesu Fiyinfoluwa

    You kept me spell-bound to the screen of my phone till I read the last word, no, letter.
    Greatly typed.

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