Dear Adeolami,

To be honest, most times, the talks of relationship, emotions and all that just seem pretty cliche to me already making it really annoying to think and/or talk about it. I occasionally scold myself when I catch me thinking in that direction. But certain things cannot be completely ignored even if you try to ignore them.

I understand that you are currently unknown in that sense. However, you have somehow never really left the radar of my thoughts. Sometimes (though I am a little reluctant to admit it), I wish you were here. How amazing it would be having to share each day with you telling you, how it went and growing together. Having to be interrupted by your thought and that of living the rest of my life with you as we fulfill purpose together pretty much brings peace, joy and calmness to my heart for certain reasons I do not know.

I have heard tales of how sweet love is and all that comes with the package. However, certain things seem to be the priority now and should be faced squarely. This just seem to be the balance. As I think of you, I think of these things too.

So regardless of the forth and back movement, just know that I can wait to be with you (trust me, the waiting ain’t always sweet or easy but I ain’t rushing nowhere ), I can wait to say those words to you and to do life with you. I can wait to hold you really close to me as we are both enveloped by that atmosphere that one filled with love, peace, warmth, joy and silence that screams many awe-mazing words to our hearts.

Until that time comes, I’ll wait and allow God prepare me as He is doing in you too.

Adinlewa Joy

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