I can’t lie
I’m making a mess of me
Experimenting with death
What a senseless way to live
Am I been bewitched?
Or am I just plainly stupid?
Oh! The sin that easily besets
I must confess,
I need help
This isn’t wise
Fallen and rising
I had better stay up
When won’t the body grow weak?
Death finally creeping in
The choice is mine
To let my desires take me over
Or to fight hard
The good fight of faith
Letting the life in me out

Oh father!
It’s the naughty boy again
Getting tired of me
At least, not on a day like this
But then,
I’m not quitting yet
The child can still grow
The man can still be formed
The righteous has fallen
This is the nineth time
But once again
The righteous shall rise
Akínkan jú ni mí
Mi ò lè kú sógun
I insist
I’ll get better
This isn’t my best
Once again, I’ll rise and fight

I am righteous
The son of the most high
Holy and set apart
Born of the incorruptible seed
Born of the spirit
Yes! He who began the good work
will bring it to perfection

Satan, you’ve lost again
I fell but I rose
Your destiny is to be fallen
Mine is to be seated above you
I can’t help you
Neither can J-zay
Nor Kanye West
And you know that
Ok..enjoy yourself
And I will too
But keep in mind
You are fallen forever