Dear Adeola-mi,

I always knew I was a lover. I always anticipated loving someone deeply, I loved the thought of it but make I no lie, I never knew there was such depth to love. It’s so deep I can’t stop falling. Obviously, the height of love has no peak and its depth, no end.

Every time you catch me staring, smiling, that’s me wondering how I have come to love a woman, another mortal, so deeply. That’s me thanking God that woman is you.

I love how you love me. Gosh! (This has to be the first I am saying or typing that word- gosh!). Gosh! I love how you love me. It feels so good Ife mi. It feels so rich and true.

I love that I can be a child with you. I love that I can dance and sing while I strum my ‘apparatus’ like a guitar. I love to tickle you and I love it when you retaliate.

I love what we are building together and how we are building it. I love how we plan and execute. You’re a wonderful wonderful woman Ife mi!

I am being modest when I say I would rather do this life with no one else. I know love takes a lot of work and I love that we do not rely on our own strength to see this through.

I love you immensely Ife mi.

-Temitope (your teddy bear).

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