…That moment you find yourself re-reading all her text messages on your phone; you find yourself laughing and giggling alone, just like you did the time you first read them.
I ask myself, “What was going on in her mind the day she sent them?” Was it mere words from emotions? Or was it sincere expressions from her heart? Did she think of the implications it was going to have on my heart? Or was I too forward to believe them?
Really, such messages, do not come on my phone from everybody everyday, only from you. Wasn’t I supposed to cherish it? And yes, I do cherish them, and with all my heart I receive them.
Sometimes, it is the depth of the words that strike through my soul; other times, it is the mere fact that you reached out to me. At times, it’s a blank message, sometimes, just ‘Hi’, ‘Hey’, ‘Watcha doing now?’, or typing and sending my full name to me.
Now when the time being doesn’t permit such expression via phone or text, all I can do is crawl back to those words to relish the sweetness of those moments or perhaps, only to put my feelings down here on paper.
Anyways, the bottomline is this: Adeola-mi, I miss you.
The best and closest friend I have. Can’t wait to be back with you; when this sour love has regained its sweetness.
I miss you…