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My love! The one I love so deeply I can’t explain. I have unlocked new levels of love I never knew existed.

I love how handsome you are. The curve of your spine, the side smiles you give, the little specs of gray hair on your head.

I love how you do your best to ensure that the children get the best. Always! That’s a rare gift.

I love that you pick up the kids every evening and literally love up on them

Oh your creative mind, it’s explosive!

Ibukunoluwa David. I fell in love with you some 7 years ago and I’ll always do my best to love you with everyday. Whether it hurts or not. When it breaks me to love you. When I shouldn’t even be loving you. I’ll be here loving you the way my father has loved me. The 1 Corinthians 13 way!

Forever yours,
Anike baby

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