I saw them laughing hysterically
As they rounded up their meal
The look in her eyes
The same of a newly Wed
Yet well advanced in age
“I Love you deeply”, she said.

But just this morning, she had fought him
For he had forgotten Her birthday,
Not that he really forgot
But he had been slow to speak
He hadn’t woken her up with a kiss
Though he had had other plans
Only that he kept them too secret

Looking at them now
You wouldn’t even notice
That they ever fight, and disagree

Perfect, they seem
Perfect, they really are

This is one of the things that makes
Marriage an interesting journey
One not meant for the faint hearted
A complex interplay of forgiveness, commitment, care, and Love

So, To all those who have kept the bounds of Love
Who are staying true to their vows
For better, for worse, and the in-betweens

Through hormonal imbalances and financial crisis
Through irritation and other such situations
Through absence and uninterrupted presence
Through thick and thin

Who didn’t throw in the towel
Who didn’t call it quits
Superheroes of this present time
Who are not carried away by the cultures of this present world
Who are patient with daddy
And tolerant of mummy
Who still find a reason to smile and rejoice
Who keep the embers of Love burning
Who didn’t leave us broken
Broken children of broken homes
Those who still value family

I’m grateful for you
Thank you for being on this side of the statistics
Thank you for loving each other through it all
Thank you for setting a good example

I am theimisiOluwa; I’m grateful for those who haven’t given up on the Love.