Baby, I miss you so bad
So bad that words can’t express
But I won’t jump the gun
I’ll just wait till the time is right

Here’s what I’m gonna do
Here’s how I’ll spend my waiting days
Waiting till you’re finally mine
Soul of my soul, flesh of my flesh

For every time I miss you
I’ll pick up my pen and write
If perhaps, another poem will arise
An addition to Adeola-mi, my upcoming book

For everytime I feel like holding you
I’ll carry my guitar and romance its strings
If perhaps, I will birth another song
In preparation of our ‘Wedding Concert’

For everytime I feel like talking with you
I’ll open my mouth and speak in the spirit
If perhaps, we’ll connect on a higher realm
Setting things in place for our destines

For everytime someone asks “How is your babe?”
I’ll go back to gaze on Agape himself
If, perhaps in many years to come
I’ll be an Agape personified ‘boo’ to you

For everytime thoughts of you keep me awake
I’ll bring out books to study
If perhaps, I may add to my knowledge
Increasing my value to earn more to provide for you

For everytime I feel like seeing you
I’ll close my eyes in meditation
If perhaps, the vision might become clearer
Reinforcing my dreams of our peaceful homes

Adeola-mi, all I’m saying is
I won’t waste this time of waiting
But will keep being a better version of me
So you can have the Perfect guy you asked God for

#IamImisioluwa, and I’m seriously missing somborri

[For the guys,
I believe the life ahead is worth making investment for
If you’re single, keep investing in yourself
If you’re engaged, spend the time to tidy things up
If you’re married, keep reevaluating and reinventing

That girl deserves the best version of you.

Sleep sweet

Love you plenty