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I’m Tripping Already by Olakunle 

I’m Tripping Already by Olakunle


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Dear Adeola-mi,

How are you? How are you treating that heart beating in your chest? You know I am coming for it, right? I know you will take care of it for me. Be careful with who you give it out to in the meantime. Love ya?

Of course, there is a reason why I am writing. And it is not to advise you on who you give your heart to before I come in my shining armor, flowing Agbada, or crazy Jeans. Nah, not that. The reason I am writing is not to prove my intelligence or how macho I could be with flexing my brain. Because hey, that have availed me naught over the years. You’d think that, with all my years of experience with all different kinds of nails (Only Owonikoko can come up with such a crazy concept), I would know what to avoid while trying to chyke a lady. I don’t. What I do know is that; people are different, they respond to different things.

Sorry, I am tripping again. Here goes: I would very much not like you to gimme such a tough time trying to woo you. I used to think it was cute; now, I don’t believe so. Please, if you have been tripping for me already, just give your yes straightaway. I am simpler that way. I wouldn’t come to you if I wasn’t madly in love with you in the first place. In fact, look into my eyes and tell me with the whole of your heart that you would very much like us to jump into this eternal boat together.

If you would like to think, pray or whatever about it, please don’t take long. You can take it with all seriousness and communicate with our heavenly father about it. And reach me back, quick as a fox. No need to make me sweat (I hate sweating by the way, though I hear it is a way to dispose of unwanted things in your system). I am not willing to spend
so much time in the lurch. I’ll move on without getting my yes or no. It is not because I never loved you enough, Na. It is just that, I am not the insufferably patient person I once was.

And if you mean no. Please, give it to me plain and simple. That you are not even willing to put it to any spiritual litmus paper. I would understand. Thank you.

And please, if you are loving me behind my back, E no epp anybody o. Please, tell me to my face that you are in love with me. I won’t bite (much?). Àìleè s’òrò l’ójú ol’órò is something something. Just gimme plain and simple too. I am new-fashioned that way. It works for me.

I know you understand what I am saying sha.
I love you to pieces, waiting to start this journey already.

Yours Sincerely,


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