It is ladies like you that make men lock up their heart to love, deciding to be players forever; devaluing the beauty of the two that becomes one. Many men have at the beginning of their sojourn in the feelings of affection given their all to see to it that their best is all they gave, making sure their mates lived in comfort and satisfaction. Many of them, having turned down desires to pursue different directions, gave up the feelings that had developed out of their sight;pledging their heart only to one course,one direction,one heart,one soul,one body,one woman and one love.

Yet, today, many of such noble men have had to take back their allegiance;denouncing anything that explains the concept of true love. They have had to take up such ridiculous and outrageous schools of thoughts that terms the female folks as a weaker and weakest(if there are just two vessels) vessel-a mare object to satisfy the wild and ever present sexual cravings of the man. They have had to conclude that a woman can never be completely satisfied, and have concluded never to embark on such ‘dead end’ journey. They have taking up the idea of playing around provided they had the financial, lingual, physical and social resources. And many of them have always ended up with a woman to act as a figure head for the sake of raising another generation without attaching to her intimately.

I wonder why a lady can not just decide what she wants once and forever. If its going to be a no or a yes. Why won’t they just be open, sincere, and honest;saving the man the pains of misjudging their intentions and actions. Why would a lady not tell you what she wants and still accuse you of not been sensitive enough? I know sometimes ladies tend to think they are putting more on the man and would prefer to keep it to themselves;then they should not accuse him of being insensitive. The same thing a man sees and he concludes the lady probably needs time for herself is the same thing the woman expects him to see as her needing more attention.

Sincerely, many ladies will save their relationships if they will stop leaving the entire task of knowing what they are feeling to the man and see if the man will not do all he needs to do to ensure that such feelings and desires are adequately taking care of. Of a truth, a man will do all he can if only he knows what to do.

I will prefer a lady who will tell me respectfully: ”I will like you to do this and this and I don’t always like so and so when you do it”-without being moody or picking a fight. Some men have given up trying to figure out and have decided to act in regards to whatever conclusions they come to-sometimes, causing pain to her who could have averted it in the first place.

Maybe this is a common factor in all relationships and can’t be considered an aberration

Maybe this is a single story and can’t be taking as an absolute-the ladies views will be welcomed to help clear this mist.

Maybe there is a lot I don’t know yet about love and life.

Maybe this is just a lopsided point of view of a young lad…but then it had only been inspired along the shores of experience, confusion, pain, loneliness and desire.

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So Help me God