It happened in church on sunday, just as the praise and worship ended; as my eyes met hers, her smile broadened, revealing her gorgeous teeth; time stopped and so did my heart.
Sitting at the choir’s stand, I could see the entire church, including this lady seated behind the ‘first timers’ section.
Fair complexion. Pretty face. Decent and courteous, as I observed from the few times we’ve met. A diligent worker in church-counseling department; what else can be so perfect?
It was until several seconds after that I gained consciousness as I found my hands stretched to my neighbor while the pastor only asked us to lift hands to God. “Please, lend me your biro”, I had to quickly say, before my neighbour began to wonder why my hands were pointing to her.
Is it not the generations of men that admire beautiful ladies? Abeg, free me joor!
Since it was not the first time I’ll be experiencing such, I turned my face away before the ushers come to ask if I had misplaced something. Although I felt like taking futher steps but I had to ask myself, ‘why should I kill myself for something that happens every now and then?’
Then it dawned on me, if I go ahead to pursue all that I admire, then I would have been a multi-polygamist by now; for there was Aminat, and then Seyi, and then Anu, Temisan, Sarah, Ife, and some that I never got a chance to know their names, and a lot more whose names cannot be written here to avoid ‘stories that touch the heart.’
The truth is, you will admire a lot of people in your lifetime and a lot of others will admire you. You can’t simply build your marital relationship on just the fact that you admire someone. There as to be something more. Something deeper. Something deliberate. And don’t be surprised if, on your wedding day, a lady still winks at you as you dance to the altar. “It happens”.
#IamImisioluwa and I love you plenty.
(C) 2014, Imisioluwa.

Sleep sweet.