Dear Adeolami,

Hey babe(i hope I can call you that already)
How are you?
How’s been the day?
Hope you’ve eaten?
Have you thought about me today?
So, I’ve been thinking about you lately.
But, I’m rest assured that you’re perfectly alright.

You see, since I was a kid, I’d always carried a picture of you around in my head
The mental picture is so perfect it feels so real
Those long phalanges of yours,with the beautiful nails
And those lashes mehn, those amazingly long lashes,t makes me smile like a jelly fish.
That beautiful smile of yours, damn, it makes my heart to be turnionion.
The way you speak, with a level of confidence that’s amazingly amazing, with that impeccable English of yours
The way you lead me to our Father, oh! Kabaya!
The way you amaze me at the littlest things, oh my!
I’ve fallen for you baby, I need a parachute

So, this evening once again, I see you in my mind’s eye and smile,
It’s sure, this evening sleep will be sweeter than normal
So, I implore you, sleep sweet too.
And until we see,

Your babe

Tobiloba Okunola

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