LET IT NOT BE (15/10/2015)

I remember the night I wrote this post.
Adeola-mi had been far away for a while and that was taking its toll.
It was at that time that I met an old friend who I had preciously had a crush on, and before I knew it I had allowed a lot of desires and thoughts to take root in me.
Then…it started with comparison and a lot of ‘what ifs’. Most prominent was the attention I had placed on her physical appearance.
I scanned through her Instagram, downloaded her pictures…and fed on them until, I was having real doubt about my own relationship with Adeola-mi. I didn’t bother to pray, I only whined incessantly about how confused I had become. Only one thing remained, I knew I was only going to do what is true and in line with love.

After several days of laughing at the joke I was playing,  a voice in the cool of one Wednesday evening whispered into my heart. And I recognized it instantly.

He said: Imisi, at the end of your life, when one day your children asks you why you married their mother, let it not be that your answer will be: I married her because it pleased my senses, or because of the size of her ‘ass’ or skin color, or lovely Instagram pics…let it be something deeper, and more fulfilling.

This poem is a result of that conversation:
LET IT NOT BE(Read it here: http://wp.me/p2D2CT-iK )

#IamImisioluwa, often times, my Wednesday posts are simply excerpts from lecture notes of my Love classes with the Holy Spirit.

Sleep Sweet.