In those days, as a young religious man, whenever I see a guy and a girl, brother or sister, especially on a day as this, together in one corner, on the road, at a junction, or just anywhere, talking, smiling, or making any such melancholic motions, my reaction has always been to see them as immoral, unserious, and jobless-my religious leaders taught me well; but these days, having had to stand at different junctions for various discussions myself, recieved Valentine cake, and yet, watched such beautiful Love fade away, and now assumed the status of a single brother, my reaction has changed.

Now, it is more of concern, and prayers:

“Lord, let these ones Last!
Let them understand the true test of their Love is in the difficult times.
Lord, grant them wisdom to manage this love, beyond their hormones and raging emotions.
Oh, let their smiles last, let this joy endure.
Teach him to love and care for her.
Teach her to do the same.”

For, now, I know how hurting it feels to be a victim of Love mismanaged… a Love as pure as I have had.

I am #theimisiOluwa; Happy Valentine’s Day.

Love You Plenty.