Love is quite a funny thing to watch. You really aren’t conscious of all the ‘mumu’ things you do in love until you step aside and watch others do it…and it’s beautiful.

Love is powerful, very powerful. It causes us to do things we may not by ourselves do, or for others. And that’s what makes it interesting, and hurtful when it goes sour.

As I sit and watch this couple, I smile as I listen to their conversation, and it reminds me of mine. Here she is, getting him to watch a movie series with her and it’s the commentary for me.

“That’s the Chief of Staff of the president. He’s the one I said was married to the daughter of the Commander”, she says.
“Is he the Califonia guy?” He asks.
“No babe, that’s another one”
“Wait, which commander is that? The one that died?”
“Yes now, I told you.”
“Oh, I remember now.”

I can’t tell if he is exactly interested in the movie, but I can clearly see the effort and attention he’s giving.

And I’ve been there too. Never have I thought I’d be interested in medical things until those moments. I mean, there are many things I have wanted to be in life, from my teenage years till now, but being a medical doctor was never one…until those moments. As she shares thoughts of and on her medical practice, I listen with rapt attention.

Do I understand all she’s saying about the embryonic fluid and the whole fetal circulation? I honestly can’t tell.
But somehow, I  am glued. You’d think I was preparing for an MBBS exam as I take mental notes, and sometimes google stuff up to stay abreast of the conversation. Those moments were indeed beautiful.

Perhaps, it’s really not about the topic of discussion, but the one from whose lips the words flow. I am curious about her interest, concerns, and desires. And watching her talk about these things with passion, with a good grasp, intelligently, just lights up things in me.

I’m listening and asking follow-up questions, but somewhere in my mind, all I can hear is:

“…She get sense, she come fine, walahi, she be wife material…”

It’s important to be interested in someone and put effort and attention into the details of their lives, especially in the things that ignite their passion. And it’s healthy too.

It boosts their confidence, builds connection beyond romance, and the effort itself communicates deep love.

So whatever you do, if you have chosen to be with someone, cultivate interest in their work and passion. Put some effort, Google, read, ask questions, and listen. This may seem like the shenanigans of young lovers, but endeavor to carry it along with you as the love grows.

Do not be ignorant about the best and most passionate conversations of your lover’s lives.  Be a true partner.

I am the ImisiOluwa; now you can call me Doctor (?).

Love You Plenty