It feels rather odd, at this stage, and at this age, to be writing romantic love pieces to an imaginary belle, but what’s a man supposed to do? Not to pressure myself or whatnot, but really, it feels quite odd.

I’m doing it notwithstanding because this singular exercise has kept me through many phases. In these past few days and years, I’ve had to turn to this gorgeous imaginary belle to find succor, comfort, and calm when the emotions rage. And on some other days, I’ve ignored, lost focus, and veered off completely.

There’s something about hope, vision, and expectations that makes the present worth living and gives some sense of direction. It’s this hope that makes the wait worth it. There are days I’ve literally jumped out of laziness, out of bed, to my table to work, or continue a course, simply because I’ve been thinking of her. For some reason, she reminds me that I have to be up and about my life.

Sometimes, I’m not sure what I’d do with these writings when she finally appears, but I know the stories and lessons won’t end.

Here I am, again, after this hiatus, unintended and regretted, I’m here, trying to pick up the pieces from where I left. Maybe it is some ‘a ti lọ, a ti dé’ kinda thing, who knows, but I am here still single, still anticipating, still learning, still being ‘nobody’s ex’ (of course, I am ?).

I’m still here sharing simple love thoughts, and the lessons I’m learning. If you’ve ever enjoyed this series or any of my thoughts, then it’s about to even get better.

And to all you who keep asking when I’ll be back, especially ‘You’, thank you for the encouragement.

I am the Imisioluwa; welcome to my #LoveWednesday series again.

Love you plenty.