Three things are hard to get back…
A glass pane after it is shattered
A piece of cake after it is eaten and
A word after it is heard…

So I gathered my speech together
A wise man in my own eyes
I had thought about them well enough
I knew I couldn’t have been wrong
Line after line, I spoke
With adequate examples
I drove home my point
She was wrong and I was right. Period!

Until that moment
My foolishness couldn’t have been any conspicuous
I had hidden behind my past wisdom
Not knowing I stood in pure nakedness

What kind of man doesn’t trust his woman?
What kind of a man values other opinion than his lady’s?
What kind of a man is ready to tear her down at the slightest provocation?

Now, I wish that day can be erased and totally forgotten
The day that I made you cry, my love.
The day that I judged you too soon and too wrongly.
The day I revised the things I should have forgiven
The day I hurt you so deep.

I regret every single word I said
Every selfish and inconsiderate word
Now, I pray thee my love, if I’ll find that place in your heart again
If I’ll be that angel in your eyes, spotless and perfect

But then, all I can do is lay down my life all over again at your feet, and say
Adeola-mi, I and all I am are yours forever.

Adeola-mi, the Lady I love.

If we will love, let us love. If we will trust, let us trust. A good man ‘burns his bridges’; he is a one-woman kind of man. He gives his all to the woman he has chosen to love. He places utmost value on her. Semper Fidelis.

I am the ImisiOluwa.