Elegant woman hands holding a smartphone

I remember the first time I set eyes on you

Having read so much about you

I had waited several days to finally met you

And lo, I met you just as beautiful

Being the first to ever lay hands on you

You were in deed my virgin red

The first night we met, I lost track of time

As my hands explored you many features

You became my closest

Became the archive of my many thoughts

And my passport in reaching the world

You followed me everywhere I went

Now, I remember our last night together

As I saw you in the hands of another man

I tried to fight for you, for our love

But you were long gone

I never thought I’d lose you so soon

Never able to say our proper good byes

Never able to enjoy ourselves much longer

I could only wish I had tried harder

Your absence shut me into utter nonappearance

My friends on whatsapp,BBM, and Facebook can even testify

Where is #LoveWednesday?

Where is #IamImisioluwa? They wondered

But then, life must go on

Even if on this borrowed one

As I look forward to a new love

Perhaps a Blue Lumia 535 this time

#IamImisioluwa, how I miss you so much

My Beautiful Infinix Hot x507 Red Phone