Day Twenty

I’ve had different celebrity crushes at different times for different reasons. So I’ll just write about the current ones, the ones ‘totoring’ my head at the moment. But first, let me define my use of the word:

Crush is someone you greatly admire for one reason or the other. The reason for the admiration need not be in any way romantic, but the resultant effect may have romantic connotations. It’s usually an unattainable individual, done for fun and not to be taken too seriously.

  1. Janet Nwose: Janet is Asa’s manager and I’ve been following and admiring her since the beginning. She didn’t become my crush until few months ago. The first thing for me is her being Asa’s manager, like the brain behind her as a brand. I admire Asa greatly so it’s normal that I’ll hold anything connected to her in high esteem. When I see those events, the concerts, the consistency and growth over the years, etc, I look at Janet and I just love up on her. Secondly, Janet is a what? A beaut. Aunty yẹn ṣe kíni? Wọ́n fine dákú. Let me not go into the details of her feminine frame and piercing smile. And finally, have you heard her voice? Oh my gosh. Her voice sounds like the smile on her face and moves curvingly like the curves of her waist when she dances to the 90s pop. I hear it, I listen for it in the background vocals, in the performances as it steals in at intervals. I want to meet Janet, I want to sit across her, face to face, and listen as she shares wisdom that has contributed to this big brand. I want to see her laughter up close, smell the breathe from behind those finely arranged white set of teeth. I want to steal some moments of warm embrace, wrapped in her arms. I want.
  2. Uzoamaka: My first contact with her was through a sponsored Instagram video. I was jejely scrolling through the streets of Instagram when this video started to play. Staring at me was this beaut rendering impeccable monologue like a master spoken word poet. It was everything for me, the lines, the expression, the action, and the beauty. Who’s that girl? Where did she come from? I clicked to dig deeper, and that was my admission to the world of UzoAmaka. I scrolled through her page, post after post, video after video, read her poetic captions line after line, I was bought. I clicked “follow” instantly. I was later to find out she is one of Nigerian’s foremost young actors, and star of And since then, it’s been beauty after beauty. Uzoamaka is eccentric, natural, spontaneous, and gorgeous. She’s damn good.
  3. Seye Falujo: (You people should calm down beyen o). Pastor Seye’s own is mild because I’ve met her and it’s just here for effect (rolls eyes). But it’s real. I remember the first time I saw her at Dunamis, I was drawn to the passion with which she preaches and prays. I found it interesting and beautiful to behold. I mean, she’s a beaut, a spec, so why not a crush? Earlier today, I saw her FB Live prayer session and all I was doing was watching, it was minutes later when I started to wonder why all the comments were “Amen” that I first consciously heard the prayers. God help me. She’s beautiful and passionate. It’s the excitement in her voice, how she skips slightly as she explains scriptures. It’s the smile. It’s the entire package. By the way, she has a book called Single, Called, and Fulfilled, you people should go and buy it beyen o.

Of all the other crushes, far and near, reachable and out of reach, are they not written in my “Book of Crushes”, to be published later in life?

And of those beyond crushes, those in whose dm my feet have once searched for stable grounds, do they not know themselves?

There you have it, three of my celebrity crushes. Funnily enough, my first two crushes look like and remind me of someone.

Thank you for reading.

I am still the ImisiOluwa; saved, sanctified, and secured.