Dear Adeola-mi,

No word is enough to describe how happy I feel when I think of you,
No word is enough to describe how much I love you,
No ink of pen is enough to write how much I care about you,
No book is enough to write into, how much I pray to remain yours forever..

You’re my everything,
You make me happy,
Your words make me feel better…

I never knew speaking to you in front of ‘Alumni’ would bring something this Blissful..else I would have spoken to u d very first day I saw u…

Olólùfẹ́ mi,
Ọ̀rẹ́ mi,
Ẹ̀gbọ́n mi,
Àbúrò mi,
Ìyàwó mi..

I love you to the moon and beyond the stars
And I want to forever be in love with you,
I always pray that someday I’ll stand before God and man
And say “yes I do” to forever with you…
I love u deeply and I can tell you this for sure…
I can only love you much more than I do right now…

You’re my one and only ❤❤❤❤…
And my heart belongs to you.

From your forever lover:


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