Dear Adéọlá-mi,

My head is blank, not because I don’t have words to say, but because I can’t think of words worthy of describing you. I woke up today and the first song on shuffle was Davido’s ‘Wonder woman’. Today has themed itself.

“Send me your ‘location’, let me meet you on the ‘East side’ of love” – Khalid.

Ifemi, Naughtiness mi, the thought of you makes my heart smile. Is it your smile that is from Jupiter? Is it your madness from Mercury? Is it your beauty from Venus? Or something else that has stuck me to you like this? Everyday I pray that God keeps you for me.

“You’re my ‘Cinderella'” – Daughtry.

Naughtiness? You complete me. Would anyone be able to read me like you? Understand my faintest reflexes? Know when I’m joking and when I’m not? To interpret my crazy as what they are and not as what is seen? I don’t think I’d find someone that does it as flawlessly as you do.

“Nothing feels ‘Better’ than this” – Khalid

You + Me = Everything.

Lá Túnji

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