Dear Adeola mi,
Let me dip my pen in red ink so it’s dripping
While I inscribe affectionate words on tablets of stone
So that he that runneth may read it…

Adeola mi, I met you at a time I least expected
Or let me say God brought you into my life when I wasn’t expecting
But ever since then I have experienced bliss and sincere happiness

The way you complete me is remarkable
The way you cover me in prayers is astonishing
You are young by age, but you are an elder in understanding
You have the body frame of lady, but the maturity of a woman
I look at your beauty, and I can’t help but gush

Your smile are so bright that they can light up a dark room
The sun hides at your radiance
The moon takes cover at your gorgeousness
The stars are at war with themselves because of your flawless beauty

I see you, I see hope
Hope of a life spent with you
Your love satisfies me, and I want to assure you that nothing will ever change how I feel about you
I will travel the nations of the world with you always by my side

May our love for each other transcends the challenges of life
And may we always be strong for each other


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