Day Seventeen

Which one is that? Zodiac Sign? Who are they? Where did they come from? Who born she? Is it that thing that used to call people goat and fish? Omo eran? Ewure? Free me biko.

Anyways, I once checked it as a teenager and I just concluded it falls in the same category of personality tests for me, or how they say people from Ekiti are stubborn stc. Because there’s no way I am accepting to be a goat. If there’s any statistical component to it, my only interest will be in the explanation for it.

My indifference is probably fueled by the knowledge that the outcomes of our lives is determine by our actions and inactions.

Is it possible that the months people are born ascribe certain personality traits to people? If it’s possible, then it is.

What should people do with this knowledge? I think it should help people know what they are up against, identify areas of their lives where they need to do better, and strengths they can harness.

So, I don’t remember what Zodiac sign I fall into by reason of my birth month. All I know is that “there’s a spirit in man, and the ImisiOluwa gives him understanding” Job 32:8.

I am that ImisiOluwa.